WELCOME TO .netPROTECT Password Protection for IIS and ASP.NET Authentication

.netPROTECT provides password protection and user management for ASP.NET and IIS web sites. Best of all, protecting areas of your web site does not require you to edit your individual ASP.NET files! In addition to protecting any ASP.NET content, .netPROTECT enables you to protect all other files types served through IIS 7 or later including images, pdf, word, excel or any other sensitive documents or files you may wish to protect.

.netPROTECT is one of the first solutions certified for
Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2
including Hyper-V Server Virtualization.
NEW: Windows Server 2012 R2 certified in 2015.

What’s new

.netPROTECT is one of the first solutions certified for Windows Server 2012 and is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS8 and works in shared hosting environments even under custom medium trust.

.netPROTECT Version 2.7 includes new payment support, Azure Web App support, WS2012 R2 certification, updated installer and much more.
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Our most feature rich and innovative .netPROTECT version 2.7 was last updated September 2016. Download the free trial and experience what .netPROTECT has to offer today with our automated installation you will be protecting your site in minutes!

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  • ASP.NET Protect designed from the ground up for .NET.
  • Password protects individual files, entire directories or even directories and all subdirectories with a single password protection entry.
  • All users, groups and password protected areas are stored in database backend and other settings and configuration data is stored in XML files.
  • All text values used by the system can be customized with individual language files for simple internationalization.
  • A file streaming control is included to enable you to protect file content other than ASP.NET scripts seamlessly.
  • Completely web based interface with reporting, auditing and statistics.
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.netPROTECT approach gives you the maximum of flexibility—you can use nearly any data store, from SQL Server to Oracle and MySQL—it doesn’t deliver a rich environment with rich and powerful functions. Review by Dino Esposito
.netPROTECT works side by side with regular ASP.NET Forms Authentication, according to the following rule. First .netPROTECT authenticates the requesting user, then it lets Forms Authentication pop up its login page. This is a good feature for those wanting some small sections of their site to still use forms auth for some simple hardcoded protection or legacy parts of their site.
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