Windows Server 2008 Certification

.netPROTECT has been officially certified for Windows Server 2008:

As one of the first 50 applications in the world and the first IIS authentication solution, .netPROTECT is in a unique position of offering complete support for Windows Server 2008 ahead of its official release.

Working seamlessly with IIS7, .netPROTECT enables you to password protect any web site content including binary files, asp pages, pages, cgi, executables and more. If you serve the file through IIS, .netPROTECT will password protect it. In addition, protection can be easily completed using the web interface with protection rule sets stored in a database backend (MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL and Oracle are supported).

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On September 17, 2009 .netPROTECT is officially certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 including hyper-v instances.

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