.netPROTECT™ Certified for Windows Server 2008

First password protection solution certified for Windows Server 2008

Vancouver, British Columba – December 21st, 2007 – Corporate Web Solutions Ltd. announces Windows Server 2008 certification for .netPROTECT™ has been completed as part of the Microsoft Early Access Program.

Windows Server 2008 certification involved detailed third party testing including stress and load test verification to ensure that .netPROTECT™ performed reliably (even on load constrained systems) and recovered cleanly in the case of IIS process recycling. The certification process requires nearly one hundred individual test cases and every single applicable test must pass to obtain certification status.

.netPROTECT™ provides a complete solution for user management, password protection and membership systems with recurring billing support. .netPROTECT™ is among the first solutions in the world certified for Windows Server 2008.

.netPROTECT™ provides advanced password protection for web sites hosted on IIS 7 which is an exclusive component of Windows Server 2008. Unique is its ability to password protects individual files, entire directories or even directories and all subdirectories with a single password protection entry. Password protection can be accomplished using the web administration system without editing your web site files and, unlike ISAPI based solutions, the product has no special installation requirements and works well in shared hosting environments. If a web host supports ASP.NET in most cases one can deploy files to the site and start using the solution immediately! Leveraging the new features Windows Server 2008 provides through IIS 7, .netPROTECT™ can protect all file content types including PDF, DOC, ZIP and other binary data. If a file is being requested through IIS via HTTP, .netPROTECT™ can protect it. For large files .netPROTECT™ supports automatic interrupted download resumption and advanced quota features enable you to limit concurrent access, hits, KB and logins as well as disable accounts at specific thresholds.

Beyond the basics .netPROTECT™ offers seamless integration with .netPAYMENT enabling paid membership sites with no programming required. .netPAYMENT interfaces with over 50 payment processors and gateways and allows for automated recurring billing and membership renewals. Advanced features for business include group and protected area sub management, advanced password rules enforcement with password reuse prevention, complete audit trail reporting and much more. To learn more about .netPROTECT™ and to download an evaluation please visit: http://www.dotnetprotect.com/livedemo.aspx

For a live demonstration of .netPROTECT™ visit: http://www.dotnetprotect.com/livedemo.aspx

About Corporate Web Solutions Ltd.

Corporate Web Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner that has been creating world renowned software solutions for over a decade. A focus on password protection, authentication and user management started in 2001 with the release of an ISAPI based software solution for IIS. .netPROTECT™ is a natural evolution of our password protection and management systems incorporating years of feedback from thousands of clients into a completely managed solution.